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songs with lyrics about consent and communication



jenny - walk the moon

"i’m takin’ my time… take it slow, oh, but i’m not gonna’ take it from you, i’ll let you give it to me"

how’s that - fka twigs

"how’s that? how’s that feel? everything?"

green light - john legend

"i just need permission so gimme the green light"

let me be good to you - otis redding & carla thomas

carla: baby, let me be good to you.
otis: i’ll do anything you want me to…
carla: what you want, i’ll bring it there.

do you feel me - anthony hamilton

"i need some kind of sign. let me know cause I can’t read your mind… tell me if you want me, and if you don’t, just let me know.

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i added some more!!

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Why am I awake at this hour?!


No reason to be. My brain just won’t let me snooze.

cry babies everywhere.

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