Craving this.

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Anonymous said: you don't have a fetlife account, do you?

No I do not. What is that?

Anonymous said: Those pics of you in a bra are cute! Probably would be even cuter if a cat hadn't just scratched you up haha

Thank you! And yeah, I guess.

Anonymous said: How many tattoos and piercings you have? and can you post pictures of all your tattoos? :)

I only have six tattoos and seventeen piercings. I’ll post pictures at some point.

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I’m building this.


When someone asks if I want to hit the blunt.



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Potential jewelry.

Anonymous said: sorry if asking about the friend was weird and seemed perverted :'( i just was curious about you two since ya'll were cute. But i understand you're probably getting lots of perverts wanting to see ya'll naked together.

It’s cool. No worries.


boobs are the best

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